Friday, January 27, 2012

35 Weeks

How Far Along: 35 Weeks! Yesterday marked the 35 weeks with 35 days to go milestone...we'll see if that's true soon enough.

What We've Been Up To: The Spring Semester started this week. I'm taking two courses, Toxicology and my Practicum. I'm hoping that it all goes as smoothly as possible given all that we've got going on in the coming months. The Toxicology class seems really interesting and very different than any class I've taken to date. For my practicum I will be working with an awesome organization, Sprout City Farms. After this semester I will only have 6 credits left, but will end up being two classes and my Capstone project. So, if all goes well, I should be done by this December!

We had our 35 week check-up at the OB this week. From here on out we will be going weekly. Most everything looked great, I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead so we'll be getting an ultrasound next week to make sure the baby isn't 20 lbs or something. Got a Strep B test; if that comes back positive I'll have to be on antibiotics during labor in order to not pass it along to the baby.

Finn went to the Brother Ali show on Thursday night with our good friend Chris and some other friends. It sounds like it was a great show, even though they missed Slug (another one of our favorites) do a surprise opening act - luckily for Finn we are going to see Slug tonight at the first ever winter concert at Red Rocks. I can't lie, I was extremely bummed that I couldn't go to Brother Ali show as he is one of my all-time favorites and we've been wanting to see him for years, but it was just not the right timing (8 months pregnant in a pot-smoke filled room with loud music). Hopefully we'll get another chance to see him sometime soon.

Finn's grandma flew in from Illinois on Wednesday; she's in town for my baby shower this weekend! Finn picked her up at the airport (tear free I'm told) which I know he loves getting to do. We went to Brother's Bar that night which is a family tradition, really. It was really nice to see her and I'm glad she got to come in to spend some time with the family before her next great grandchild is born, it really means a lot!!

Finn and I are heading to Red Rocks tonight to see Common and Atmosphere. It should be a great time. The last time we went to Red Rocks was in August to see Atmosphere and it rained the entire concert, but it was an amazing concert and we had a great time. This time around it may be snowing, but will no matter what be cold - luckily I've got a little space heater built in!

Atmosphere @ Red Rocks - August

Cravings:  Had a random hankering for lemonade yesterday, but we were at Whole Foods and regardless of how good it sounded I couldn't bring myself to spend $5 on a quart or two of organic lemonade; seriously, that's ridiculous.

Sleep: I seriously don't even want to talk about it.

Gender: Currently on the baby pool we have 11 people thinking it is a boy and 8 people who think it is going to be a girl! The boys are getting one vote at a time and continue to take the lead in this pool. Here's the link for anyone who is interested in playing:

Names: We haven't done anything with names this past week, but we've still got a decent list of "top names" that is short so that is helpful.

Symptoms: Well, I still have all of the same symptoms as I've had the past few weeks (check it). HOWEVER, literally all of these things pale in comparison to the newest symptom.....Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPS). Yep, that's right, I've now joined the approximately 1% of all pregnant women who are stricken with the most annoying, hideous, itchy rash that there is little treatment for and no cure - except to give birth! The heartburn, agaonizing pelvic pain and pressure whenever I move my legs, etc. are all still there I just can't concentrate on them because my skin itches so incredibly bad. The rash has continued to spread since it reared it's ugly self in the middle of the night this past Sunday, it's now on my stomach, hips, legs and arms. It looks a little something like this on my legs (lovely, right!?):

Favorite moments since last post: Starting school - while I am also dreading it, it is nice to know that I'm getting closer and closer to the finish line. Making baby shower favors with Finn. Grandma making it in from Illinois safely and seeing her.

What I'm looking forward to this week: The baby shower that my family is throwing for me this Saturday! I'm so excited to see everyone and to spend time with good friends and family! The ultrasound next Thursday - another chance to see Gertie before the big day!


  1. Oh my gosh Ashleigh, I'll bet you are sooo ready for March!! I love reading about your experiences!

  2. Nice update, tomorrow should be a blast for sure. Love you