Wednesday, December 28, 2011

30 Weeks (a week late)

How Far Along: 30 weeks!?! How the heck did that happen?

What I'm Doing: Blogging, obviously

Cravings: Cereal with almond soy milk and cookies! 

Sleep: Total crap these days

Gender: Definitely not finding out, still :)

Names: We narrowed down the list a lot. But realized we don't have a ton of boy names that we really love. This could be a sign, or it could mean that we really need to figure out some boy names so that if the doc says "It's a Boy!" we don't panic because we have no clue what his name will be. We'll see how this all unfolds. 

Symptoms: Super tired, easily irritable, pelvic pain

Favorite moment this week: I suppose this was actually last week, but since I post so irregularly I'm going with it. It was probably when we got to find out that we'll have another ultrasound next week (Dec. 27th). I know Finn is super excited as well! We haven't had an ultrasound since the end of September so it will be quite the treat to see the little one again! We have to get one because I'm measuring big and they just want to check the baby's growth, etc. to make sure that there isn't anything to be concerned about. Although if they tell us we may have a 10lb baby incubating in there, I'm going to be concerned!!! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Molting and Little Eggs!

Dirt is Molting!
Dirt starting molting right about the same time as we got our deep freeze a couple of weeks ago. She starting molting around her head area first and it has slowly moved down her back. Needless to say, she stopped laying eggs during this time, for a couple of reasons. First of all, the weather was so frigid, much of what she was consuming was just going to keep her warm; secondly, due to the cold temps and the lack of daylight, none of the ladies were getting the required amount of sunshine per day to lay everyday; and finally, chickens generally stop laying while they molt simply due to the fact that they need all the energy they consume to keep themselves warm but more importantly grow new feathers.
However, just the other day, she laid her first egg in quite sometime! It was so small, like the first ones they laid when they came of age. I was so excited and found the egg to be one of the cutest things ever. I also think she felt some sense of accomplishment and pride with this egg! It was our first 3-egg-day in quite some time! 
Dirt's egg (right) and Debsie's egg (left).

Friday, December 16, 2011

ALL ABOARD!! (the Childbirth Express)

Last Saturday (December 9th), Finn and I went to Swedish Hospital to partake in a 5.5 hour childbirth class. There were about 10 couples there, all of them were around our age (a couple may have been a little bit older), pregnant with their first child, and everyone but us knew the gender of their baby! People seemed really shocked that we weren't finding out - this seems to be a pretty common response for us these days! :)

Overall, the class was really good. We learned and practiced some labor positions - it totally wasn't as awkward as I thought doing that in a class with nearly 20 other people! We also learned and practiced some breathing techniques - some seem way more realistic than others, but we'll see how the big day goes, right!?! We also learned about dilation, effacement, back labor (sounds delightful), the stages of labor, pushing - and why screaming/shrieking isn't helpful, and postpartum care and things to expect (the least delightful sounding of all!!).

Finn, to no surprise, was a great labor partner. So long as he's eaten the day this little one is due, I have no doubt that he will be the best coach, partner, support system I could ever imagine - even if/while I am being totally unappreciative of all of his efforts (sorry in advance, Finny!). However, neither of us could say the same for one of the other couples in our class who were clearly not having a good day together (quarreling and he even FELL ASLEEP!). Hopefully he'll come around soon!

While we probably could have found and read any/all of the information on the internet, it was definitely good to dedicate some uninterrupted time to this topic as it's fast approaching!! I can't believe we are already in the third trimester. Craziness!!

I promise more pics, etc. in the next post!


Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...CHRISTMAS!!!

It's really starting to look a lot like Christmas around our humble abode. We got a tree that is a bit more appropriately sized for our living room this year and Finn and I had a lot of fun decorating it.  I wrapped all of the presents we have purchased so far this past weekend and have them under the tree! I love wrapping presents...I really do!

We currently have a Santa hat as our tree topper-it looks cute, but I'm not a huge fan.  Finn hated the one I found last year though, so we are still in the market for a new, fun tree topper (and my toilet paper roll Santa is not an option, Finn).

On Saturday, after our Childbirth class (more to come on that at a later date), Finn hung lights outside! He did a great job, they look really nice!

Maybe we need to put a couple of strands up on the coop so the ladies can get in the holiday spirit!? Dirt might especially enjoy it since her body has decided that she should molt right now, despite the frigid temperatures.

Something like this perhaps?

Anyway, I really can't believe how quickly this past year has gone. A lot has changed, that's for sure!! I will definitely have to do a reflection post soon!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks
What I'm Doing: Just about to leave for work, when Finn asked to take a quick pic of me
Cravings: Not craving a whole lot, though I have noticed my sweet tooth has increased throughout this pregnancy and I have been enjoying cereal of all kinds a heck of a lot more than normal!
Sleep: Depends on the night; sometimes it is great, other times I toss and turn all night, other times I wake up around 3 and have a hard time getting back to sleep before the alarm goes off in the morning.
Gender: Definitely not finding out, still :)
Names: We have a list that is nearly 50 names long... I think we probably really need to start narrowing this down a bit...
Symptoms: Cranky and Tired 
Favorite moment this week: Finn seeing the baby move from across the couch. I get to see/feel it all the time, but it makes it special when Finn gets to experience it as well. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

24 weeks

It's been a long time coming, this blog, but it has finally arrived. We are currently in our 24th week of our first pregnancy. It's been a bit of a roller coaster, in many ways. But so worth it! Just thought I'd give you all a little peak at what my belly is looking like these days...