Thursday, May 4, 2017

Nine Years

3,285 days

78,840 hours

4,730,400 minutes

283,824,000 seconds

Dates, like numbers, are important to me. They make things feel significant. A passing of time that can be clearly marked. On this date, nine years ago, you and I said "I do." And a whole lot of other funny things. I'm so glad that John Spencer scored a hat trick on July 4, 2001 so that you were able to fall in love with me, Finny.
As an aside, I'm curious on what date my voice changed...

The vows I made to you 9 years ago on this day still hold true today.
I promise to be be by your side through wins and losses; red cards and penalties.
I promise to be true to you through the best stand up and the worst Fulham loss.
I promise to always love you when the going gets tough or when the tough guys get going.
I promise to never make you hot pockets for dinner and to bake you something at least once a year.
I promise to love you if we win the PowerBall or if all we have left is our tent.
With us together, the world is at our fingertips.
Love is not what makes the world go round, but it's what makes the ride so worthwhile.
I'm ready to take that ride with you.
Always and forever, I love you.

I feel like these vows were oddly one of my least eloquent times of which I've expressed and professed my love to you. Funny how that works. Luckily, I have had many other chances, about 284 million seconds worth, to let you know that you are my soul mate, best friend, confidant, father to my children, hero, mentor, everything.

I have no clue how 9 years has come and gone. It's been but a blink, really. One day we'll look back and these past 9 years will be nothing more than a blip on our journey through time together.

Thanks for making our ride so worthwhile. I love you.