Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby Deuce!?

On January 15th, after not feeling well for a few days and having a particularly rough morning that included me throwing up while little Dempsey watched on in concern, I called Jill to come down and help me out so I could get some rest. While texting back and forth with Finn, he asked if I might be pregnant. Pregnant!? What? No, I was sure that wasn't the case and that I probably just had some weird bug. He suggested I use one of the pregnancy tests that we still had on hand from our attempts to get pregnant with Dempsey; you know, just to be certain. Thinking nothing of it, I went ahead and peed on a stick. Within about 10 seconds the test came back...POSITIVE! We were pregnant....AGAIN! I immediately texted Finn a picture of the positive test.

And then I waited....and waited....and waited. I paced in our room with countless emotions washing over me. I felt excited, anxious, nervous, astounded, scared, thrilled, shocked, flabbergasted, numb, tingly, giddy! The list went on and on. Pretty much every emotion one could possibly have seemed to be flooding through me all at once. I just couldn't believe after trying so long to get pregnant with Dempsey that we were pregnant again and so soon. I also couldn't believe that I just found out this surprising news while Finn was at work and Jill and Dempsey were playing in the living room just outside my bedroom door.

When Finn finally called me back, he sounded just as shocked as me. Yet, he also seemed to have known all along. He was the one who told me I should probably pee on a stick, after all. By the time he got home to talk about the news I had gone through every emotion each about a thousand times. It all felt so unbelievable and in many ways, impossible. We had no idea what we had just gotten ourselves into.

At this point Dempsey was a little over 10 months old, still a baby, not walking or talking, completely and utterly dependent upon us every second of the day for every need and want. It seemed to me that there was no possible way I would be able to have TWO babies! Two under two was never in our thoughts or plans. Or was it? Finn had always said that he wanted to be done having kids by the time he was 30. That seemed pretty unrealistic, but now, it was totally within reach. Only, we hadn't even decided if we wanted more than one kid. "Two it is!" we figured. This all must be part of the bigger plan of which we secretly have no birth control over!

We were about to embark on quite the journey! Two kiddos, 18 months apart. I would be pregnant for the much-anticipated nuptials of Hanni and Freddy in Hawaii. I was going to be pregnant while chasing around a soon-to-be walking, talking, running toddler! Pure craziness was about to ensue...of that much we were certain!

We also knew that we were about to bring another awesome, adorable, little person into this world. One that we couldn't wait to meet, to find out what s/he would look like, sound like, be like. We knew that Dempsey was going to make the best big brother in the world...even if he had no idea what that even meant. We knew that this was going to test us as a couple, but that we were ultimately up to the challenge. We were about to complete our beautiful family.

We decided to share the big news with our sisters first and then after going to the doctor to confirm and figure out our due date, we designed and made a onesie for Dempsey to wear to tell our parents. We invited everyone over for the USA v Honduras WCQ match and waited for someone to read Dempsey's onesie. Much to our surprise, Jeff read it first and his reaction was amazing! He read it out loud then said..."well, that's not true!" Then he looked at me, said "is it?!!" then jumped up and gave me the biggest hug ever! Everyone else quickly took to reading his shirt and figuring it out! Luckily we had such great news to share since the USMNT lost the first game of the hex!