Sunday, November 4, 2012

8 Months

Dempsey has been around for two-thirds of a year already! It is crazy to think that he is approaching the one year mark! The time has truly flown by!

He loves to eat most anything. He particularly likes vegetables, and thankfully LOVES his carrots. We have introduced a lot of new fruits, vegetables and even some meat this month. He is a great eater! He eats two "meals" per day and also shares my breakfast with me most mornings - he likes to zoom around the house in his roller chair and he will come up to me with his mouth open until I give him a tiny bite then will wander off to pester the dogs or play with something and then come back again when he's ready. It's pretty cute and funny.

He is getting closer and closer to crawling but hasn't gone forward just yet. He is very good at sitting up and enjoys sitting and playing with all sorts of toys and other objects. He still loves the outdoors and enjoys long walks in his Bjorn. He also likes going for walks in his stroller - which we rarely use. My dad and I used it one day when we got a some snow and had to do some work in the community garden. So, we bundled that little fellow up and strolled on out into the chilly air. He also went on a walk to the garden with his Grandma Tutu and my parents took him for a long walk in Broomfield in his other stroller. He has lots of new noises and is starting to laugh a bit more. We are still waiting for the giggles and belly laughs that last longer than one second and aren't started by tickling! :)

He weighs about twenty pounds and has probably grown about an inch since his check-up last month. We won't get his official stats until next month at his 9 month check-up, but I'm quite certain that he is growing perfectly. He is starting to fill out his chair quite nicely ;)

This was a busy month for us - something new and exciting, eh!? But in all seriousness, it was his first Autumn/Fall and that meant we had to cram in all sorts of fun stuff that he didn't understand at the time and will never really remember - Heehee!

Along with our parents, we took him to pumpkin patch. I thought it was a pumpkin patch but it turned out to be more of a corn maze with piles of gourds and pumpkins along with a petting zoo corral and other Octobery activities. We had Dempsey pose in the big scarecrow cut out - which made for some funny pictures. We sat him in a pile of gourds which he found to be interesting and delicious. We attempted a family photo but they didn't turn out - but we'll have it for the ol' memory book anyway.

It was also Dempsey's first Halloween! Finn and I decided that we needed to accentuate his best feature - his adorableness. So, logically, we dressed him up as a monkey!

Finn took Dempsey into his work that day to see everyone and win the cutest trick-or-treater of the day award from ACVIM. That night Charlotte came over and we took Dempsey out to see the neighbors dressed in his best monkey garb. He enjoyed picking his own handfuls of candy out of the bowls. It was cute  when he went for a new piece of candy because he would drop the previous piece he had gotten. We only went to four houses, but it was fun nonetheless!

 I also traveled to San Francisco to present at the American Public Health Association conference. The weather couldn't have been nicer, I got to tour the city and go to lunch with a close family friend and the presentation and conference was great! I wish I would have had more time to be there, but I had to get back home to my family and I didn't want to miss Dempsey's First Halloween!

Finn wrapped up another season of coaching this month. He had a new U11 boys team this season. It was a great learning experience for him as he has previously coached girls. He had a successful and winning season, as well!

While this is should technically part of Dempsey's next monthly update - it is so exciting that I had to include it. The day after he turned 8 months he cut his first tooth -- his bottom, left central incisor! Woohoo!!