Monday, January 16, 2012

33rd Week and Nursery Sneak Peek!

How Far Along: 33 weeks, just 8 more weeks to go!

What We've Been Up To: I've been enjoying time in the yoga studio as well as the pool. Both hot yoga and prenatal yoga have been treating me fairly well. The pool really helps to take the ever increasing pressure off of my hips and pelvic area - a real treat these days!

Nesting!  It's not just a myth! We've (in all honesty it is Finn who has spearheaded and done most of the work) done so much cleaning, organization, decorating, etc. It's exhausting - as can be evidenced by me sneaking away during most of these activities to take a nap! :) 

Everything is coming together quite nicely in the nursery. We bought a changing table last week and my dad graciously agreed to paint it, as well as some shelves, to match the crib we had already purchased. It looks amazing!! My parents also got us the changing pad set-up we registered for so the nursery is nearly complete! You can check it out at the bottom of this post in the nursery sneak peek photos. A more thorough nursery post with too many pictures will be coming soon! :) 

Cravings:  Remember those Hershey's dark chocolate bites I talked about in my last post? Well I went and got gas and begged Finn to run in and grab me a bag (or two!). They are still my favorite! 

Sleep: Still total crap these days; it's fairly hit or miss. Pregnancy-related insomnia is a bit ridiculous. I have been staying up later than I used to before I was pregnant and typically make it 3ish hours before I feel wide awake and have trouble falling back asleep. Thank goodness for the other amazing Christmas gift Finn got me, my Kindle Fire! That thing has been a life saver - movies, books, etc. all at my finger tips in bed and I don't have to wake Finn up!

Gender: Currently on the baby pool we have 9 people thinking it is a boy and 8 people who think it is going to be a girl! 

Names: Moon-unit and Blanket are seeming more and more likely if a little boy decides to show his face soon! :)

Symptoms: Pelvic pain, not-quite-waddling (ok, that's a lie, sometimes I waddle - BUT only for safety reasons), feet and ankle swelling, back pain, abdominal pains - especially at night when trying to change positions, a few Braxton Hicks contractions (even one during yoga this morning!)

Favorite moment9s) since last post: Doctor's appointment went well - baby is still head down (verified by our OB who checked for any potential dilation, etc. given the amount of pelvic pain/pressure I feel)! Getting the nursery furniture set up and the room generally organized - we feel a bit more prepared now. I think just in general, getting to spend a lot of time with Finn. He's really my best friend and I am more excited every day to think about him being a dad. He's going to be the most amazing dad, I just know it! He's the greatest, really! I love him more than words can express!!

And Finally, Drum-roll Please....
Presenting the Nursery Sneak Peek!!


  1. Nice posting pictures are great! xoxo

  2. The baby's room looks like a fancy resort. Let's see a picture in a few months with toys strewn all around! I can hardly wait!