Friday, January 6, 2012

32 Weeks

How Far Along:
 32 weeks, just 8 more weeks to go!

What We've Been Up To: We've been getting more and more ready for the little one's arrival. We registered at Babies R Us and Target last weekend. It was fun to see all the millions of baby items at Babies R Us. It was crazy just how many things there are out there for babies! I think we registered for some great things, but we'll see what we end up getting and what we actually end up needing!

We are still working on the nursery. We just bought a storage unit for books/toys/random crap that we need to set up (and decide if we want to paint it black). We also need to get a changing table/dresser. Besides those items the other things I would "like" to have include some new curtains and to decorate the space a little bit.

Finn got me a pretty incredible Christmas gift which I've been working on and will be doing a post about that soon!

Cravings: Finn found me Hershey's dark chocolate bites! He put them in my Christmas stocking and they are to die for! I have been thinking about them nearly every day since I finished them...been trying to think of an excuse to go to the store to get some...gas? do we need limes? :) 

Sleep: Still total crap these days; it's fairly hit or miss. It is hard to get/stay comfortable and just hard to stay asleep in general

Gender: Currently on the baby pool we have 8 people thinking it is a boy and 7 people who think it is going to be a girl! That's pretty funny!

Names: We've put quite a bit more thought into names in the past couple of weeks. We've even come up with a couple of first and middle name combinations - that's huge people! We are still working on some more boy names. I think we are pretty settled on several girl name options, but the boy names are still proving to be more challenging for us. But we are making progress!

Symptoms: Pelvic pain, not-quite-waddling, feet and ankle swelling, back pain, abdominal pains - especially at night when trying to change positions, a few Braxton Hicks contractions

Favorite moment since last post: I would say it was the ultrasound we had on December 27th, even though I have technically done a blog post since then. We hadn't seen the little one since the last week of September so it was quite a treat!! I was curious to see if the baby moved around as much for the ultrasound as I think/feel it does everyday. I wasn't disappointed, the baby kicked the ultrasound technician a few times and wiggled pretty much the entire time. She said we were really going to have our hands full if its activity in the womb was anything like it might be once its born - I don't doubt that for a minute. I posted a pic from this ultrasound on the year in review post.  

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