Tuesday, February 12, 2013

11 Months: Wait. What? Nearly a Year!??!

Well this is by far the latest I've posted Mr. Dempsey's monthly update. But, luckily we still took the pictures on time since he's changed so much in the last 10 days! :)

He still has just 4 teeth, but he's been working on at least two more and possibly four more. It's extra funny that he doesn't have his top two front teeth because it sort of looks like he just has fangs up top! He hasn't had a wellness appointment again, but will have one just after his 1st birthday. But, I'm pretty sure he's grown a few inches! He is definitely a long/big kid (even though I have nothing to gauge that on)!

We spent a lot of time this month playing with the wide variety of toys he got at Christmas - although his favorite toys are still things like junk mail, the Tupperware drawer and any item that he really should not have access to. He still loves nature and we've had to move to walking him in the stroller because his 20+ lbs is getting a little bit heavy for the Baby Bjorn. Luckily, he really loves his stroller and even becomes somewhat catatonic for parts of our walks - it's actually really funny.

He's learning new noises, particularly loud, ear piercing shrieks which he finds to be absolutely hilarious! He has started laughing more as well. This should have been in last months post, but since it wasn't there, he continues to know and use three words: "uh oh," "mama" and "dada." He's also said "Oak" at least once, but it was probably a fluke. ;) He really likes to wave to people, and last month he started waving goodnight to me which is totally heart melting. He loves being crazy - and it would be ideal if we lived in a small, padded gym because he likes to throw himself on things/at things/over things. He loves to climb things. He also loves when you grab his arms to climb up your body like a rope or mountain climber, which is pretty adorable.

To channel his love of craziness, climbing and gymnastics, for his 11 month birthday we took him to the Little Gym in Littleton for a tumbling tots class. It was so much fun and he definitely enjoyed looking at all the other kids and participating in all the activities. He was the youngest of all the kids there by about 6 months or more yet didn't seem to be much smaller than any of them. We did somersaults, wheelbarrows, used hula hoops to walk, sang, played on a variety of foam stairs, ramps, springboards and even the bars! Dempsey would only hang on the bars for the class instructor which we thought was funny! But, he clearly enjoyed Mr. Nick's spotting technique! :)

Finn traveled for work this month and we sent him lots of pictures! Finn and I also went to an awesome concert, The Reminders. They are one of my favorite groups to see live and they are husband and wife MCs from Colorado which makes it all the more fun to go see them. Finn and I also went up to Copper Mountain to enjoy some of the fresh snow that had been falling in the high country. I'm getting better every time we go but still have a terrible time carving - but like I tell Finn, at least I can ride goofy footed as well as regular. Right?! :) I started my final semester of graduate school, the same day we went snowboarding actually. I can't wait to be done with my Master's...this last year has felt particularly slow and brutal...but there is a light starting to glimmer at the end of this long ass tunnel! Here's some fun instagram photos from the month. I left off the most popular one of chicken and waffles, but you can click over to the bookface if you somehow missed that awesomeness.

I can't believe the next Dempsey blog update will be for his FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!! How in the world did that happen? Can anyone believe that a full year has gone by since this little man came into the world??? I know I can't. I'm just completely and utterly shocked! AHHH!!!