Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Molting and Little Eggs!

Dirt is Molting!
Dirt starting molting right about the same time as we got our deep freeze a couple of weeks ago. She starting molting around her head area first and it has slowly moved down her back. Needless to say, she stopped laying eggs during this time, for a couple of reasons. First of all, the weather was so frigid, much of what she was consuming was just going to keep her warm; secondly, due to the cold temps and the lack of daylight, none of the ladies were getting the required amount of sunshine per day to lay everyday; and finally, chickens generally stop laying while they molt simply due to the fact that they need all the energy they consume to keep themselves warm but more importantly grow new feathers.
However, just the other day, she laid her first egg in quite sometime! It was so small, like the first ones they laid when they came of age. I was so excited and found the egg to be one of the cutest things ever. I also think she felt some sense of accomplishment and pride with this egg! It was our first 3-egg-day in quite some time! 
Dirt's egg (right) and Debsie's egg (left).

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