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Top Ten Tuesday - Baby Items

In an effort to be more consistent with blogging I am starting some fun day of the week themes for when I don't have something else to post about. I'm going to start today with a new segment I am going to call Top Ten Tuesday. I know I'm not the first to have this idea as a quick google search shows plenty of other websites, blogs and even images dedicated to Top Ten Tuesday. But, I still think it is a fantastic idea.

This week's Top Ten list is dedicated to baby stuff, specifically the ten baby items we couldn't have lived without in Dempsey's first two months. These may be great items to add to your registry and/or buy an expecting friend! Just click on the image to take you to a site where you can purchase/find out more about the product.

Top Ten Baby Items

1. Miracle Blanket

Seriously people, the proof is in the name. This blanket really is a miracle. After using the hospital and other swaddle blankets, I thought I knew exactly how this miracle blanket would work and we quickly began using it. However, one day I had a hunch we were doing something wrong and went to check out the instructions (what an idea, eh!?). Come to find out, we were doing it wrong - really wrong. Once we began using this miracle blanket the way we were supposed to - check out the image above - we immediately noticed a change in Dempsey's sleep. He began sleeping much longer stretches of time and we are talking 5-6 hour stretches!! For those of you who don't know, that's pretty incredible for a newborn. We use this blanket every night and seriously could not live (or sleep) without it! 

2. Swaddle Blankets

While the miracle blanket is our go to blanket, having a lot of other swaddle blankets are key to a happy newborn. They are useful for so many things. We use them to cover his car seat when we are going somewhere and it is either chilly or really bright. We use them when we are out and about at the grandparents' houses for cuddle time and nap time. We also use them every night to double swaddle Dempsey. We feel that it helps keep this active little bugger in the miracle blanket better and also adds an extra layer for warmth during the night. We received the best blankets from Finn's Uncle and Aunt (Jimmy and Sherry) and my sister, Charlotte.  

Extra Large Organic Swaddle Blanket from Jimmy and Sherry
Adorable Swaddle Blankets
 from Charlotte

3. Bouncy Seat

Mr. Dempsey loved his bouncy seat for the first three weeks or so of his life. Since then we can't put him in it without crying?! Maybe he will return to it one day, but regardless, this thing was vital for our sanity in those first couple of weeks. While we had visitors galore during those first few weeks and Dempsey was hardly ever "put down," Finn and I needed to take a break every now and then. And let's be honest, babies also like to have their own space too! This bouncy seat that Jimmy and Sherry got us was great because it vibrated to a heartbeat rhythm and it is the only automatic bouncer on the market! That means you don't have to sit there the whole time to keep it bouncing. The nature noises and the music it played were also great. It is a super cute seat and I would totally recommend it. I am also hoping that he will learn to love it again before he grows out of it. 

We also received another bouncy seat that transitions into a toddler rocking chair. We keep this one at Jeff and Jill's house and have used it a couple of time. This one has a vibrating seat that Dempsey has liked the few times we've used it.

Update: he does in fact like this bouncy seat still and we have begun using again.

4. Swing

At the same time that Dempsey began to cry every time we put him in his bouncy seat, we decided to bring the swing we received as a hand-me-down into the living room just to see if he would like it since we needed to set him down once in a while and we preferred if it didn't mean he cried or screamed every time. We weren't sure about the swing, especially because we have a pretty small living space and baby swings take up entirely too much room. But, Dempsey seemed to enjoy it and would happily swing in it while he was awake (great for a quick potty break or to grab a bite to eat for mom/dad)  and he would also nap for longer periods of time during the day. We still use the swing daily and are able to get a lot more things done around the house because of it. It has also made working from home quite a bit easier on me since his naps last longer than 20 minutes (like they do when he is in his crib). Since this swing was given to us when we didn't know the gender we have a cute little girl's swing but Dempsey rocks the pink swing like nobody's business.

5. Giraffe Play Mat

This was on our registry and when we didn't receive it both Finn and I were bummed. But, we did get plenty of gift cards so we went and picked it up! :) This thing is not only super adorable, it is also very plush which is great for tummy time - especially in the beginning when they have a tendency to unintentionally slam their giant noggins onto the ground when they are getting tired. At two months old Dempsey has sadly almost outgrown this mat entirely - his little feet hang right off the end f it! This mat made tummy time feel much more fun and safe for all of us. We use it daily for tummy time, hanging out, and sometimes just to have a little extra cushion under him while on his activity mat. 

6. Activity Mat

This activity mat totally rocks! It comes with plenty of fun animals with stuffed animals and rings and such and all the animals feel different and make different noises. We use this daily. Sometimes for tummy time and regularly for just good ol' fashion fun! He loves looking at himself in the mirror (although the mirror seems like one you'd see at a carnival because it isn't very clear). He also recently started grabbing at the toys and holding onto the different rings. It has been fun to watch him grow and even more fun to watch how much he has developed. From a newborn who would just stare into space into a two month old who notices when things move, reacts more to sounds, and even gets frustrated when he accidentally swings his monkey friend up out of his reach. 

7. Burt's Bees Baby Products

We have used Burt's Bees products for all of Dempsey's skin care needs. The shampoo and body wash smells amazing, the diaper rash cream worked wonders (we have only had to use it for about one week total) and the calming lotion is perfect for our post-bath nighttime routine. I love everything about these products and am so glad we got them!!

8. Medela Breast Pump

Now this thing I couldn't have lived without, period. I had to pump from day 1 to help get my milk to come in and then I needed to pump when Dempsey decided he liked a bottle more than my boobs and now I pump to keep up a regular stockpile for times when I need to leave Dempsey for a little while. This pump has been really great to have and I would seriously recommend it to anyone who is thinking about breastfeeding, but is not planning on practicing attachment parenting! This particular model is great because it comes with a nifty little cooler which works perfect for trips out of the house and to take when you need to pump at work!

9. Baby Bjorn

I absolutely love this thing! I use it all the time - when going on a family walk, to the store, to breastfeeding weigh-in group, to get stuff done around the house, etc. In the beginning it was great to have him facing towards me since he had little to no control over his head/neck. But, he certainly let us know when he was ready to face out! Now we generally have him face out when we go places and he loves looking at everything and soaking in the world around him! :) Finn and Dempsey are just the most adorable little duo when Finn has him strapped in this bad boy, even though I got jealous at first because for the first two months or so I was the sole baby carrier. But, my heart melts whenever I see those two together so I'm learning to share! :) 

10. REI Baby Socks

And last, but certainly not least....REI BABY SOCKS! These things are freaking incredible! They are literally the only socks we have that stay on all day! They keep his feet warm, they stay put, and they are cute - what more can you ask for in a bay sock!? We loved these socks so much after we received them as a gift from my parents that we got new ones when their spring prints came out. So now we have four pairs and I most certainly will continue to buy this brand of sock as he grows. These are a must have for any baby registry - or just get them even if the person you know didn't register for them because I promise you, they will love them!

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