Monday, May 14, 2012

My First Mother's Day

To say I was spoiled on my very first Mother's Day is a huge understatement!! It started early, very early, on Saturday morning around 5am after I had fed Dempsey and pumped. When I came back to bed there was a gift bag on my pillow! I first invited the birthday boy (Gus turned 9!!) up on the bed to cuddle then went around to Finn's side of the bed to open up the bag. Inside were some amazing treasures!! 

First I opened a little card made out to "#1 Mom Ashleigh Elizabeth" which expressed Finn and Dempsey's love for me. Then I opened up a small tissue paper wrapped package and inside was two different silver chains to replace on of mine that broke the day after we had Dempsey and that I used to wear my engagement ring on. The next package was also very small and wrapped so well that I had to get scissors while Finn exclaimed to "be careful" while I cut it open. Inside I found the most beautiful aquamarine tree of life pendant. Aquamarine is Dempsey's birth stone. The next thing I opened was a cute little box and inside was a beautiful silver leaf pendant with an aquamarine stone. My heart felt like a huge pile of mush as Finn told me that he had spent a lot of time looking at aquamarine jewelry on etsy to find the right ones for me. I was on the verge of tears but somehow held them back - maybe because it was so early in the morning, it wasn't even light out yet and I was tired. :)


That day we had a bbq to celebrate with our moms. We spent much of the day cleaning up the house and preparing for the shin dig. Later, when I was getting myself ready, Finn came in the bathroom with Dempsey in his arms and said that Dempsey was wondering if "these" would go with either of my new necklaces and when I looked Dempsey was holding a cute purple bag and inside were a gorgeous pair of aquamarine stud earrings. How freaking adorable is that!? I immediately put them on and paired them with my tree of life pendant and I felt like a million bucks! I not only had beautiful jewelry that my husband picked out but they were a fun way to represent motherhood with a stone honoring Dempsey!

The bbq was fun. We played some cornhole for the first time this season, but the weather wasn't terribly nice so we only got in a few games. We had lots of delicious food as always and the great company of both of our moms and dads and my sister and brother. Hanni and Freddy were in Hawaii (jerks!) so they missed out on a great day! We gave our mom's cards and orchids and I made them each a lemon sugar hand scrub that I put into cute little Mason jars and attached a label to (why didn't I take any pictures of these!?). My Mom's first Mother's Day gift to me was a super cute frame she made me to put pictures of Dempsey in (which will not cooperate with the camera so a picture will have to come at another time). I also received an adorable card in the mail from Finn's grandma and my brother gave me a cute first mommy's day card as well! 

After the bbq was over and everyone had gone home, we were both pretty tired after a full day of activities but Finn managed to stay up and almost watch the end of the Nuggets playoff game (they lost). When Dempsey woke up for his early morning feeding I noticed something sitting on the chair in Dempsey's room. As I looked closer I saw that it was a crossword puzzle titled "Your First Mother's Day: A Journey Through Some of Life's Finer Things." I thought it was so cute and thanked Finn but he urged me to look at some of the clues. When I did I almost immediately started crying as I realized this was a crossword puzzle Finn made me and all the clues had to do with things that have gone on over the course of our relationship from our first date to my first Mother's Day. This man is seriously way too sweet! He was so excited that I cried (finally)! :)

Mother's Day morning was spent hanging out with my boys, eating breakfast, watching Finn work in the garden, and feeding Dempsey. I then went shopping as Finn had given me a gift certificate for some designer jeans for one of my baby shower presents. Shopping was interesting and exhausting! I was excited to get back home to spend Mother's Day where I really belonged - with my two favorite guys, at home! When I got home there was yet another gift waiting for me, a super touching (and tear-inducing) letter from Finn about how much he loves me and what a great mom I am. I can't even put into words how much I love this man and how incredible it is to share my life with him. My best friend, my husband and the father to my children. Wow! What a day!! :)

My Mother's Day Gifts! :)

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  1. Wow you are a lucky woman! I will send you a pic of the scrub. Love you xoxoxo