Wednesday, February 29, 2012

39 Weeks (Oops!)

How Far Along (in pic): 39 weeks.

What We've Been Up To: Not enough to justify missing the 39 week posting date, but better late than never!

On Monday Finn and I got to spend all day together since it was Presidents' Day! We went to the Colorado Mills since it was chilly and windy out and Finn thought getting some good walking in indoors would be good - you know, to get the baby moving! We walked and shopped and had some contractions and had a great time. Afterwards Finn took me to see The Vow! Yep, you read that right!! It was a totally sappy movie that got me choked up a few times (so shocking for a super pregnant lady, I know). It was nice to go to a sappy love movie with my hunny. Always a good reminder of what you have and how it's so much better than the movies! :)

On Monday we also took my car to Car Toys to get my keyless entry from Freddy installed and get it detailed in preparation for the baby. We had a groupon, which of course wasn't all it was cracked up to be since it didn't cover pet hair removal - the main reason we were taking my car in. But, regardless of the price, it ended up being totally worth it and it looks like I have a brand new car! And the baby won't be covered in dirt or have hair balls flying in its face!

On Wednesday I had lunch with Ellen. It was great to spend time catching up with her and hear about her wedding plans (September will be here so fast!!) and chat about life and baby and such. The only bad thing about lunch - my first bite went all over my belly and of course it was a nice saucy Asian dish which meant for a nice stain on my shirt, oh well!

We had our weekly OB appointment on Thursday. Our OB ended up having to go to surgery right before our appointment so we met with our nurse practitioner. We found out that we had made no progress internally which was a little bit annoying. We were hoping for at least some progress, but no such luck. We also found out that our due date which was told to us by Conceptions as March 1st was not the same due date that our OB's office had on file - they said our due date was February 28th! I suppose on any other year it's just a matter of 24 hours, but this year it felt like two days difference was an eternity!

On Friday we went to my Grandma Marge's 80th birthday party in Broomfield. It was a fun time and I can't remember the last time I saw my Grandma so happy. I'm glad my family (no credit to me) was able to pull it off!

Cravings: Drinking lemonade like it is going out of style

Sleep: Sleeping has been pretty good this week. Waking up for lots of potty breaks (like I'm a puppy or something) and sometimes for contractions.

Gender: The girls have made a comeback! On the baby pool ( we have 13 guesses for boys and 14 guesses for girls! It's such a close race, I suppose we'll find out soon!

Names: No updates here. Let's hope the kid looks like "someone" and/or has a name tag on!

Symptoms: Lots of cramping, contractions, plenty of pelvic and hip pain, lower back pain/pressure, a ton of swelling, shin splints when I walk (oh so fun).

Favorite moments since last post: Telling people we are due next week and seeing their reaction.

What I'm looking forward to this week: 40 weeks is just nutty! Just waiting for this little one to make an entrance!

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